Hi! My name is

Dylan Clifton

I'm an annoyingly optimistic designer and developer that loves to create just about anything. I have a deep passion for entrepreneurship that often takes me on wild and crazy adventures. I thrive in these enviornments by working outside of my comfort zone any chance I get.


Web Design

I don't make pretty websites thrown together with popular themes. I listen to your needs and design a solution that focuses on your core values. Much of the design process builds upon researching and understanding your business and customers. Your website is the essence of your online identity. It should not be made up of generic themes and content that fail to resonate with your customers.

Web Development

I am a professional front-end developer that knows what it takes to get your project of the ground and running beautifully. I put everything I have into developing websites without cutting corners. User experience is always my core focus when making sure your project works quickly and effortlessly.

Graphic Design

Designing graphics is one of the most crucial parts of communication. A well placed graphic can enhance your customers understanding and experience by ten fold. Text is great, but a sea of text with no visual aide will cause you to lose even your most loyal customers.


I grew up just outside of Washington, DC after moving from North Carolina when I was about 2 years old. Growing up, I've always had a passion for business and entrepreneurship. The idea of being completely free to pave my own way facinates me to the core. While in High School, I quickly started my own business that eventually sparked my interest in web design.

I am proudly self taught. I took it upon my self to build my first website where I sold my own custom products. Within the next two years I re-designed my website countless times. I began reading and learning anything I could on design and development. After running my business for 4 years, I decided it was time to switch my focus towards my new passion.

My web development career finally began. I started taking on clients that needed help creating and improving their online precense. I built websites, designed products, provided solutions, and learned every step of the way. Much of my free time is still spent learning emerging technologies and honing my skills. When not working on freelance projects I am often found tinkering with my own business ideas and projects.